The Heaven

The Haven, located at The National Harbor, will consist of 248 apartment units, residential
amenity spaces and a parking garage. The building is designed as a 5-over-2 podium, which
includes 5-stories of Type IIIA construction over 2 stories of Type 1A construction. The project
will include mostly residential apartments and some residential amenity and leasing spaces.
There will be two outdoor, landscaped courtyards, including one with a pool. The Type IA
construction will be a concrete frame with a 3 hour fire rated horizontal assembly/podium. The
podium will also serve as a structural transfer slab for the five stories of wood frame above. The
two levels below the podium are mostly parking to accommodate approximately 386 spaces.
The project will be a mixture of metal framing and concrete masonry units.
General Contractor: Clark Builders
Cubic Yardage: 11,000

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